About Us

Good vibes, good energy, GOOD FLOW!

We believe GOOD FLOW in body, mind and home brings good vibes of happiness inspiring a kinder world – the ripple effect of life. It starts with YOU and we believe you can do it! We will never be perfect, yet we can feel better.

When our physical and metal energy flows smoothly we live with less pain and more happiness. We’ve had this experience of pain and recovery and want to bring the types of tools that have helped us to more homes. We strive to curate a collection of products, tools and tips that help you optimize your “Good Flow” to feel better and happier.  

We know that physical therapists and massage therapists are not affordable and accessible to all. Our goal was to build an online platform where people could get tools that can help them self-care at home to get relief from chronic pains, bad posture, poor sleep, negative thought patterns and an altogether diminished quality of mental or physical wellbeing.

We are not doctors and do not provide medical advice. We are just people who deal with our own chronic pain and use self-care to minimize our suffering and improve our flow. We do encourage – everything in moderation! Don’t massage too hard and too long which can bruise or over stretch your body. Listen to your body! Just don’t listen to the part that says do nothing, do something, one step at a time.


We will continually build our supplier relationships and search for reliable and effective products that last. We ship direct from manufacturers and suppliers whenever possible to minimize extra transit trips and warehouse space using up energy. In an already energy intensive delivery scheme, one less leg in the journey of a product reaching you counts. We welcome new supplier ideas and partnerships.


Please visit our chosen charity for 2022, the Cancer Research Institute, who is dedicated to find innovative solutions to treat all cancers. www.cancerresearch.org We will donate 10% of our profits to their good work because we believe that giving is a necessary part of a kinder and more peaceful world.

Wishing you and your loved ones GOOD FLOW!

The Good Flow Goods Team